Hello Again


Well, would you look at this: an all-new, shiny blog page for my writing endeavor. And I’ve only worked about a year to get it on the road. Well, I haven’t worked much on it, that’s why it’s now already April, while I wanted to launch it in October. But I think, it still looks good and I’m proud I got this far at all.

Why make a new blog when the old one is fully functional and really pretty? Well, I’m trying to be more professional about my writing. Serious writer-dude is a jovial alter ego I created because I’m scared to commit, but Cori Kane writer is (hopefully) the guy to take my writing to the next level. This may sound a little weird, but weird is a standard you’ll have to get used to when dealing with me.

Does this blog have anything that the old one didn’t? Well, for one, I think it’s even prettier than the last one. Blue is such a soothing color, I really like it. There are some more links, especially under fanfiction. The contact page is new and I hope it works. I will add things as I go and that’s why serious writer-dude will still be available and up for the time being. Eventually, though, I hope to have it all in one place and that place is here.

What have you been up to these last few months? Well, I’m sad to say: not much. Mental health problems are a thing in my life and I’ve been swamped by depression and anxiety. I’m only now slowly getting my sea-legs back. I thought, launching this page was a good start to come back from all that’s bugging me and jump back into writing, and editing, and translating. This last week was like a fresh wind, a kick in the rear. I’m hoping both will stay and help me get back to myself.

What happens now? Hopefully, a lot. I’ve started translating my novella The Affair into German, I’m still working on my rewrites for Halfway Home. It’s all a little bit slow right now, but hopefully steady. And I’m just gonna keep going. And I’m gonna keep updating this page, adding to it.

Any new projects? Well, I’m always starting things. This page alone is a huge project and I’ve worked some pretty ungodly hours lately to get it ready to launch today. I’ve also started writing a new story called What Really Happened. I’ve only written half a chapter for it, but I’ve thought some about it and it’s a likely candidate for my next novel/la. I bought a notebook especially for it so you can see I’m serious about it.

Is this all? For today, it is. Just look at the new pages, click some links, maybe contact me if you like it or if you find something not working or have an idea to improve it. I’m always grateful for some tips and encouragement (who isn’t?). So, yeah, welcome to my new place, pull up a chair, have a beer and let’s talk about things…


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