Yesterday’s Poem [10]

I'm in a peculiar mood - I'll let my poetry reflect that. Failed I apologize for the broken off pieces (of me) I left at your doorstep. It was childish to think you'd care I apologize for meaning to be mean and going back to apologizing some more. I'm not the person I am when... Continue Reading →

(Not quite) Yesterday’s Poem [9]

I wrote this a couple weeks ago, actually, and wasn't sure about posting it. Insecurities and all that. But why not? It doesn't make any sense, it won't hurt anyone. Here's a poem.   Yellow   If I said 'yellow' would you address my claim - would you turn into a blue-sayer - would you... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Poem [8]

I got bored yesterday. I get bored a lot these days. But it's not just that, it's never just that. This is the more, I'm thinking about: Snow White It's snowing. Like memories snow flakes swirl through the air. Hitting the pavement. Building new ground to stand on. Or slip on. Troubling thoughts of troubling... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Poem [7]

Almost Feels Like Love You shine through the normal of my world. Breaking the walls it took years to build. What you do, who you are, the way my thoughts get caught in my throat, I know___ Know the curve of your jaw fits the palm of my hand; know the sound of your voice... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Poem [6]

It is strange how certain stories inspire us, make us feel. I watched This Is Where I Leave You yesterday, so this is where this came from: All the Ways All the ways we fought - back and forth. How I never forgave you, how you blamed me, how she yelled at both of us.... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Poem [5]

So, maybe I wasn't in the best place yesterday. I watched Kill Your Darlings and got a little swept away by the Weltschmerz. I see a dream written on the wall. It has no end, no beginning, is all middle. The sour sting of drink, I tumble over forgotten chains tied to my wrists. The... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Poem [4]

I watch a lot of Criminal Minds lately, but it does not hold all of my attention. So here goes the poetry - the serial love poetry. The Love u take for granted. The Moment of your surrender to desire, to the other soul. The Love-ly solution, 'cause we're alone in our humanness. Lonely, Lovely... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Poem [3]

Valentine's Day special - I was drunk and watching Transparent's 2nd season (so, don't blame me!) To be in love the feeling the person the indescribable connection. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. The fucked up pain of feeling, no, having feelings for another soul. BE.A.SOUL. I didn't call. Because I didn't want to/ couldn't get involved. Never had my... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Poem [2]

Where there is life, when there are words. Where we are still, and newborn. The life, the love, the fantastical chance of tomorrow. Lines written. Time spent crawling towards The End. [I don't even have a title yet, so, I guess, practically it's not even a complete poem. Just ramblings, yesterday's ramblings. I was watching... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Poem [1]

Love, Untested Looking into you, knowing you. Barely knowing you, but owning you. My love, be fair and fairer even still, robbing me of breath, of precious air. And there is nothing you can do or say. Nothing sweet and nothing cruel to stop me in my true pursuit of you. My happiness, my shameless... Continue Reading →

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