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As great as it would be to have all of my work published, that doesn’t really happen. Sometimes writers just write a short story for the fun of it – and where does that end up? Well, here actually.

Or on platforms designed for that kind of excess creativity. For fanfiction, for poems, for whatever we set our minds to. I’m on several writing platforms and have free stuff on each, though it’s not always everywhere the same stuff. / Archive of Our Own / Tablo / Inkitt / Get Underlined

These are all for free and if you’re an aspiring author you should check them out. Especially, since Inkitt, for example, also publishes. Tablo lets you publish your stuff with them (I think a little like amazon, but a lot nicer). So, whether you just want to read free stuff or want to explore options for your future writing career, check these platforms out.

You will also find some of the same content here, I’m working on putting the texts or link to individual stories and poetry up here, so you don’t have to look for them long.

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