Hello Again

Well, would you look at this: an all-new, shiny blog page for my writing endeavor. And I've only worked about a year to get it on the road. Well, I haven't worked much on it, that's why it's now already April, while I wanted to launch it in October. But I think, it still looks... Continue Reading →

I need a break

Hello, all. I know it's been a while, I've been busy, I guess. Life is kinda happening, sometimes it's being pushed upon me. I don't know how you feel, but every other day seems to reveal news that... I'm overwhelmed by the happenings in the world. A big part of that is that we all... Continue Reading →

I’m Thinking [1]

Yeah, that's a first. 😀 Well, I've been absent here for awhile and not just to think. We already talked about how life gets in the way... it gets in the way of everything, it's like it thinks it's so important. Annoying. Sorry, just having a little bit of fun here. So, I've been absent... Continue Reading →

2017 – let’s get crackin’

First of all, happy new year everyone. I know we're already three weeks into the new year, but you may have noticed by now, I'm moving a little slower than mostly everybody I know. But it's been a peaceful three weeks, mostly. It's been a helpful three weeks and I feel more inclined to take... Continue Reading →

Skipping Ahead

Well, now it's almost Christmas, and now it's almost time to reminisce in time for New Year's. NaNoWriMo is over and I'm sorry that I haven't updated at least one more time, but I've kept putting it off and then stuff happened in life and now... I've written 32,330 words this NaNo which is about... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Poem [6]

It is strange how certain stories inspire us, make us feel. I watched This Is Where I Leave You yesterday, so this is where this came from: All the Ways All the ways we fought - back and forth. How I never forgave you, how you blamed me, how she yelled at both of us.... Continue Reading →

Life, or something like it

[I feel that this needs a kind of trigger warning, so if you're uncomfortable with the topic of mental illness, or it hits too close to home, you may want to skip this post.] (There's actually a movie of the same title - a not very good movie with Angelina Jolie and the only reason... Continue Reading →

The Organized Scribe

I know what you're thinking: you don't seem particularly organized to me. And you're right. At the moment, I'm free-floating through the social media sites, playing games and dodging responsibility. But as I remembered yesterday, that was different last year. I wrote quite a bit. So, what was different? I was organized - or as... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo – Update [4]

Let's talk about life a little today - life that is put on hold during NaNo, maybe, or just life in general. I failed. I failed yesterday because this update is already a day too late, and I failed this week because I haven't written a single word for NaNo. This is part of NaNoWriMo,... Continue Reading →

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