Free Short Story [1]

So, I've written this short story for a submission but it's been declined - welcome to being an author, love, sometimes your work is going to be turned down. The premise was merely to write a short story about a queer character without the queerness being front and center, you know, just a regular story... Continue Reading →

The Good Scribe

Shakespeare, Woolf. And Austen. These are my favorite writers. If you'd ask for a forth, it would be Kate Chopin, Djuna Barnes after that. They were brilliant, their talents and abilities last, and there is no end to finding something to love in their writing, in a phrase, a single sentence, the placement of a... Continue Reading →

First Things

I'm excited about the upcoming anthology from Ylva Publishing - Wicked Things. I've written a short story for it, and I like it. I hope you will like it, too. This is the cover, and when you click on it you can read what it's about and who has contributed to it. You should check... Continue Reading →

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