2017 – let’s get crackin’

First of all, happy new year everyone. I know we're already three weeks into the new year, but you may have noticed by now, I'm moving a little slower than mostly everybody I know. But it's been a peaceful three weeks, mostly. It's been a helpful three weeks and I feel more inclined to take... Continue Reading →

Free short story [2]

Halloween's over, I know. But it took me a little longer to write this short story for my favorite holiday. Now, it's finished and I want you all - if willing - to read it. For free! What's it about? Dean Sutter is a hunter on the way to the small town Courage. A school... Continue Reading →

Free Play [for the Reading]

I don't even know what I was thinking about yesterday, but then I remembered that I had written a play once (a complete one, too) for a class. The assignment was to translate a poem into another medium. Since I'm no good at anything but writing, I translated a poem into a play. I took... Continue Reading →

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