(Not quite) Yesterday’s Poem [9]

I wrote this a couple weeks ago, actually, and wasn't sure about posting it. Insecurities and all that. But why not? It doesn't make any sense, it won't hurt anyone. Here's a poem.   Yellow   If I said 'yellow' would you address my claim - would you turn into a blue-sayer - would you... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Poem [7]

Almost Feels Like Love You shine through the normal of my world. Breaking the walls it took years to build. What you do, who you are, the way my thoughts get caught in my throat, I know___ Know the curve of your jaw fits the palm of my hand; know the sound of your voice... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Poem [4]

I watch a lot of Criminal Minds lately, but it does not hold all of my attention. So here goes the poetry - the serial love poetry. The Love u take for granted. The Moment of your surrender to desire, to the other soul. The Love-ly solution, 'cause we're alone in our humanness. Lonely, Lovely... Continue Reading →

Yesterday’s Poem [3]

Valentine's Day special - I was drunk and watching Transparent's 2nd season (so, don't blame me!) To be in love the feeling the person the indescribable connection. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. The fucked up pain of feeling, no, having feelings for another soul. BE.A.SOUL. I didn't call. Because I didn't want to/ couldn't get involved. Never had my... Continue Reading →

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