Yesterday’s Poem [4]

I watch a lot of Criminal Minds lately, but it does not hold all of my attention. So here goes the poetry - the serial love poetry. The Love u take for granted. The Moment of your surrender to desire, to the other soul. The Love-ly solution, 'cause we're alone in our humanness. Lonely, Lovely... Continue Reading →

Let’s take a break

For many a writer writing is not their daytime job. Many writers simply don't earn enough money with writing to make it their only job. So, writing has to take a back seat and is put into the hours before and/or after work and on the weekends. It kinda makes writing a second job, but... Continue Reading →

December Blues

Am I really blue, or is this just this day's feel? I'm not sure. I feel like the new year should begin already, so that I can make New Year's Resolutions. This is not very productive, I know. But after-Xmas always feels like nowhere-land to me. I'm free-floating. But that is no place, no state... Continue Reading →

I’m writing [3]

Well, how's it going, lovelies? Yesterday, my nephew had his first day at school, very exciting stuff. I'm always excited when a fellow human learns to read and write, especially if that little feller is as sweet as my nephew. I hope he's going to love it as much as I do. Because, yes, I've... Continue Reading →

Life, or something like it

[I feel that this needs a kind of trigger warning, so if you're uncomfortable with the topic of mental illness, or it hits too close to home, you may want to skip this post.] (There's actually a movie of the same title - a not very good movie with Angelina Jolie and the only reason... Continue Reading →

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