NaNoWriMo Update [2015.4]


NaNo is almost over, and unless I write 20k words tomorrow I have again failed it. I’m not disappointed, though. I’ve doubled last year’s word count and I’m still feeling inspired.

I finished a short story, I finished a novel, and I started a new fun project that will hopefully appear in an anthology next year (if I finish it and the publishers like it, I guess). So, I’ve done some of what I set out to do, and, hey, there’s still tomorrow.

I got more involved this year than last, which is a good thing. I did some NaNo word sprints with fun prompts and I added to my writing buddies, encouraging a few people. It felt good and it helped me too. I felt more cared for, inspired by the spirit of NaNo, you could say.

This year, I have found some platforms that help writers along. There’s NaNo, of course, but I recently discovered some others and I wanted to take the time to point you in their direction, since I like them.

IFightYou have already seen the covers I made; they’re, after all, all over my blog. I made them on It is not necessarily a platform for writers, but book covers are one of the template they offer. You can spend money there, or you can make covers for free. There are several other templates for your everyday life and maybe you check it out. I like the set up and it’s easy to use.

Another page, and one I trusted my latest short story with, is Like Canva, it’s brought to us from Australia. It’s a platform where you can read stories, put up your own stories for the reading, but you can also publish with them if you think your work has progressed into that realm. They offer plenty of help, you can join groups of hopefuls like yourself, read and write fanfiction. Whatever you like. It’s also easy to use, and pretty to look at (the latter one may not be important to you, but it is to me).

Lastly, a page a reader on recommended (maybe she was working for them, I don’t know or care): It has much the same functions as tablo, but it also offers writing contests, not just for original fiction, but also fanfiction. I’ve started revising a story of mine for a fanfiction contest, and it’s a lot of fun to go back. I always get back to fanfiction, because I love it. This site helps to do something I should have done a long shepromisedmelovetime ago: revising my fanfiction. Because I feel I’m better now and those stories should reflect that. Inkitt feels newer than tablo and maybe some things haven’t yet fully developed, but it’s interesting to watch, maybe make some suggestions. And again, it looks pretty.

Maybe you have come across sites you’d like to share with me? I’m always looking for new platforms to spread my words from. Please, tell me in the comments. Also, tell me about your NaNo-experience. Did you win? Did you fail like me?

Remember, that failing at NaNo means you’ve tried what many people are too scared to even try. Writing is hard, but I’m sure you’ll try again. And you will succeed when you’re ready for it. Don’t be discouraged.

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