NaNoWriMo Update [2015.3]


Well, here we are again. I have to confess that I haven’t been writing at all these last few days. I guess, I’m not as stalwart in ignoring distractions as I thought myself to be. There was some intent friends and family time involved, but also some ‘I’m a lazy chicken, not crossing the road’-time. Crossing the road, of course, being a metaphor for not writing (also: I’m not actually a chicken).

What have I done? I’m at 30,000+ words, which is twice as much as I’ve written for WriMo last year. And I’m still  determined to win it. I hope,  you’re getting along with your writing. Leave me a comment, let me know where you’re at.

I think I’ve mentioned to you that I’m writing a Zombie-story. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s pretty insane. Thinking about what kind of things might happen during a Zombie Apocalypse, the kind of character traits people show, the courage, the skill, a fight or fly attitude. People will still be different, and some might choose to fight, others might choose to hide.

I’ve really come to love writing the supernatural. If I’ve known it would be this much fun, I’d done it way before now. It’s a lot about choosing which myths and legends you put in, and which you’ll ignore. How does your Zombie look like? When does your werewolf change? Are a cross and holy water your vampire repellents, or is this just mysticism?

And then there are your humans who have to react to the news that these kind of creatures exist. They’re certainly made of tougher material than your run-of-the-mill protagonist. But not too tough, not beyond harm, or fault. Never that.

I enjoy myself a lot writing these days (not the last few, because I’ve done none, but before that and hopefully again later today). It’s not that late today. Maybe I’ll do some NaNoSprints to warm up. One more week of NaNo and just under 20k words to write. Wish me luck.

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