The Affair [2]


This update has been a long time coming, I know. Maybe you need a reminder of what this was about – The Affair [1] at your convenience.

So, what’s going on with this, you might ask. Well, it’s been through some changes. I’ve added some, my editor has deleted some, and now it’s almost at the point where it’s going off to the presses – the virtual ones, because this here story is going to be published as ebook.

That will be next month. You can read the publisher’s advance notice here, before having a look at the official book page here. It’s looking pretty if I say so myself, and not just the cover. Though, I mean, seriously, the cover is great, yes? I love it.

What I also love: what has become of it. It’s gotten a little longer, roughly 22.000 words now. As I said, I added and those were additional scenes, making the story stronger – hopefully. The revisions took me a little longer and that’s why it’s coming out in May instead of April, as originally planned. But I feel good about it.

I hope you’ll feel good about it, too, because, of course, it would be great if you read it. It’s lesbian romance, yes, but you know, my mom reads all my stuff (that’s in German), too, and she’s as straight as they come. A genre shouldn’t exclude anyone. I think the theme of an affair is relatable enough that everyone should be able to read about it, so feel free, even if you’re not gay, or not lesbian, or have never cheated on anyone.

I’ll post about it the minute it comes out, of course, and provide you with links.

I’m so excited about this, and while I love April, May can’t come fast enough for me.

Carpe tempus, lovelies.

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