Submission Calls [E1]

All right, lovelies. I’m kinda back to writing, at least, I’m trying to get back. And short stories for anthologies are always a good way to get back into the game. I have a couple submission calls on my radar which I would like to do and I think if you’re a writer (of mainly lesbian stuffs) and like to do that kind of thing too – here’s where to go. I’m always grateful for additional links to submission calls if you have them.

So, here’s what’s planned so far this year:

Summer Love, Ladylit Publishing (eds. Caroline Manchoulas and Harper Bliss)

This is a close deadline (31 March 2015) and I’m not sure I’ll be finished with my story in time. As the title suggests it’s about finding love in summer. I’ve already started writing on this but six more days may not see this story completed. It’s about two girls who meet in German wine country. One is American, the other is German. There’s some slight language barrier but it’s mostly about falling in love in the sweltering heat of German wine country, surrounded by German culture. The working title is ‘Im Sommer’ (German for ‘In Summer’ in case you couldn’t tell).

First, Ladylit Publishing (ed. Cheyenne Blue)

I just read this and had the notion of an idea (which means I won’t tell you about it because I’ll have to think about it in greater detail before it’ll even become an idea). I’m a little shy when it comes to erotica because I don’t feel like I’m really good at it, but maybe this’ll work. 24 April 2015 is another close deadline, check it out.

Through the Hour Glass: Lesbian Historical Romance (working title), The Liz McMullen Show Publications (eds Sacchi Green, Patty G. Henderson)

Deadline is 30 April 2015 (not much time!). I haven’t thought about this much yet. I mainly would like to do it because it’s especially a historical anthology, and I’m kinda into that. I so like historical fiction and I feel that there are very few short stories out there which give a glimpse at lesbian life. We’ll see what falls out of the idea tree – maybe something set in post-WWII Germany?

Halloween 2015, Ylva Publishing (ed. n/a)

I’ve had a story in last year’s Ylva Halloween Anthology and I’d like to reapeat the experience. Deadline is 31 May 2015. I’m thinking about a short story about a vampire, a special vampire that I’ve got special plans for in the future, so you’ll meet her again when you read me. But I don’t want to go into it too much. Vampires it is for this year’s Halloween story.

Holiday Anthology 2015, Ylva Publishiing (eds. Jae and Fletcher DeLancey)

15 July 2015 is the deadline for Ylva’s Holiday anthology. While I’m generally not a big fan of Xmas, I’d still like to put something out for an anthology. I’m rather better at writing about it than living through it, I guess. I’m not as far as having an idea yet, but I’ll be thinking about it.

I hope some of you find something here that might be fun. Yeah, I’m aware they’re all lesbian, but it’s what I do. Add if you have something interesting in the comments. In case you were wondering about the E1 of the title, E stands for English as I’m planning on something similar in German, just sayin’.

Later, lovelies.

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