What? You say it’s not Halloween yet? But it is. Halloween is in October and October is all about Halloween, so, basically, it’s Halloween all October ’round.

And I LOVE Halloween. It’s the one holiday where I don’t have to wonder ‘what happened in the bible again?’ or ‘what happened in Germany on this day so many years ago?’ And what’s even better: it’s not even really a holiday here in Germany. 31st October is actually Reformation Day (something to do with Martin Luther, I think).

That’s not to say that we don’t do Carnival stuff and costume thingys. I remember, when I was a kid, we would actually go from door to door getting candy. But we called that ‘Rummelpott,’ we did it on 31st December, and all the neighborhood kids did it together and we sang for the peeps. The costume theme wasn’t scary, either, so it really wasn’t the same thing and kids don’t do that anymore.

Some are celebrating Halloween here, too. I guess, they’re trying to establish a tradition here, but most older folks don’t catch on, so not everyone’s having candy for the kids. It’s a little embarrassing, our need to do as the cool kids do (meaning ‘merica).

For me as writer it’s a great thing, though. Halloween brings the scary to the virtual page. Last year, that meant my story A Lesson in Magic was published in the award winning anothology Wicked Things (you should totally get it and read it on All Hallow’s). This year, well, I couldn’t get out of my head to submit a story to an anthology, but a couple nights ago, I had a strange dream about werewolves and obstinate teenagers. And I thought, yeah, why not write that story for Halloween.

Well, I am writing this story and so my muse will, I’ll have it for you shortly before Halloween so you may indulge. It’ll be all free and hopefully scary. Let’s see if I can do that. I’d like to, you know, put up some more stuff of mine in the near future. Possibly poetry, but also a few short stories… getting back into the flow of things.

Well, I hope you have a scary October, lovelies. And HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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