Halfway Home [1]


Halfway Home is one of those stories. They don’t let you go, they wanna get written. And that’s what I’m doing at the moment. Yes, you heard correctly, I am writing.

I’ve been running in so many circles this year, one of them was, that when I get back to writing I would start with this story. And I kept pushing it away, saying ‘Tomorrow.’ Well, tomorrow has finally arrived. For ten whole days, I’ve been sitting, I’ve been hammering away on my keyboard, I’ve written about 17,000 words.

Let me tell you, it feels good. And I’m doing this without safety net, I’m not even obsessing much. It’s just a story about two women, the kind you’ve already read about a thousand times and will read about another thousand times, because it’s delicious when two women meet.

Dina and Kerry meet at a hotel in Cincinnati. It’s just before Christmas which Kerry celebrates with her family, while Dina is stranded on her way to her own family. Then her father dies and in the painful days that follow Kerry, a stranger, is there for her. That’s how it begins.

I like these two women. They’re very different, they’re at different points in their lives, with different people and different problems. But a deep understanding forms between them, a connection. It’s not just about love – though there’s always that. It’s about friendship, about caring, about having a bad day and the person you call to get drunk with.

I’m not sure of how long this story is going to be. My gut feeling tells me about 70,000 words and I’m about halfway there. But my gut doesn’t write this book, and my gut has been known to be wrong about things. So, maybe it’s gonna be less, maybe it’s gonna be more. I’m just here to enjoy the ride.

Eventually, I hope that you will, too. Enjoy this story, that is. But at the moment, it’s all mine. And I’m just so happy writing again. It’s so hard to find that beginning, that moment where everything else becomes stale and you hunger for your own story. You sit down and it’s like you’ve never been gone.

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