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A new year. Hopefully, a new chance at doing better, too. ‘Cause honestly I screwed up plenty last year – and the year screwed me up some, too, so hopefully 2015 is making up for that.

A new year begins slowly with me, especially because I think of January as the Monday of the year. And what do we do on Monday? Lament that the weekend is over. I’m not doing that in January but I’m still not one to jump right in. This year, however, I got an early start because I have so many things to do. Some even have to do with writing fiction.

I know I already told you that The Affair is going to get published this year. I’m currently working on some revisions before it’s going to get edited. A lot of work but necessary. I like this point in the publishing process where I’m still creative but don’t have to worry if I’ll ever finish the story.

I’m excited about this story and I hope you will like it. It will be published by Ylva Publishing in April – and I love April, so this is perfect. But there’s still a lot of work to be done. I’ll tell you more about The Affair later this month.

I’m also working on revisions for Halfway Home. I started writing this story last summer for a Christmas anthology but it got too long for that publication. Now I’m working on making it even longer. I’m not sure if it will be a novella or full-blown novel when it’s finished. I’ve got a lot of ideas for it, though.

I’m now looking over what I’ve done so far, adding chapters, deleting conversation tags, like ‘she said’, ‘she said.’ I’m looking forward to writing again but as I said above, I like this part. It’s less stressful than the actual writing process. Halfway Home doesn’t have a publication date yet but I hope it will be ‘out there’ late this year. It mostly depends on me finishing it, of course. I’m working on it and keep you posted.

Last but not least, I’m editing a short story in German. It will be published in an anthology in summer. I’m really looking forward to this one because it’s my first story about a transgender protagonist. It’s also written from a first-person perspective, so that’s a first for me, too. I like it. It’s very intuitional writing, and you have to have a good grip on language and the narrator’s voice.

The story is called Unser erster-letzter Tanz (transl.: Our First Last Dance). I like writing in German on occasion. And I will probably write about this story and others in German on this blog. I want this place to be bilingual, but there won’t be as many German posts as English ones because for the time being I’m planning on writing more in English.

That’s how far I’ve come with my work this month, this year. There’s a lot of life to be lived these days and it usually interferes with my writing but I’ve planned to make as much room for my passion as I possibly can. That’s my resolution, besides all the projects I’ve already told you about.

What are your writing resolutions? Tell me in the comments.

I hope 2015 is shaping up gloriously for y’all.

Carpe tempus, lovelies.

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