Pep Talk [for Writers]

[This kinda relates to NaNoWriMo – but also doesn’t, because it’s for every writer out there, not just those participating in NaNoWriMo – if you’re a writer, this is for you.]

You are a writer. Or you are an author. Or maybe, like me, you like to think of yourself as a scribe. No matter the term, you are a person of some serious imagination, and that’s amazing. I think it’s important to think of oneself as a writer, to say, I’m a writer/an author/a scribe. It empowers, because we all know how life can get in the way of what you love most, and then you see this occupation maybe as something more of a hobby, or something that is not real, something that you sometimes do, but is not worth mentioning. But your creative efforts are not forgettable, they’re worthy of admiration. You ARE a writer – maybe we should all do like Richard Castle and get matching bulletproof vests to tell us, or at least t-shirts.

Now that we established that we are indeed writers, let’s acknowledge how mega-super-awesome that is. I mean, we are among the people who literarily put books on shelves, who fill online forums, blogs, magazines, and maybe even just our diaries with words. We are the ones who start tv shows, movies, songs. That’s how awesome we are, because we make people talk about some amazing thing they’ve just seen on tv, or about the book they just read, the movie they just watched. They quote us when they write about songs. They may not always know our names, but they know and cherish what we’ve written. We put words into their minds, in an order they haven’t thought of themselves. That’s mega-super-awesome.

I feel like writing is a rare gift. While many people have tried, many people have also failed. You and I haven’t, because we can think of that rare detail that makes our writing survive. We don’t stop, even though we may have two dozen unfinished stories on our PCs and laptops. We know we will find that one story we will finish, because we have to tell that story, that one story, that is stuck in our throats, running circles in our heads, makes our fingers itch. We are writers because being something else is too mundane, too easy, too non-challenging.

Sometimes, having an idea is like a spark – so sudden, you can’t really be sure, it was your own idea until you look at it from different angles. Sometimes, an idea marinates for days, weeks, months, years in your head, but you don’t forget, you develop it until it’s good and ready to put on paper. Sometimes, your muse lets you wait for something you aleady feel brimming under your nails. Somettimes, it simply knocks you down with it, and you can’t seem to type fast enough to get it all out. Sometimes, the great idea from last night turns out not so great in the morning. Somettimes, a simple sentence thought in the ruckus of a family celebration can set a masterpiece into motion.

That’s how it is, when it’s not all the other things that are unpredictable and wonderful and surprising about writing. You love it – and you hate it, too. It’s something you can’t escape, can’t explain. try to resist, get overwhelmed by. It’s everything.

You are a writer. If it doesn’t exist, you think it up. You are really that awesome. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

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