It’s still December

… and it’s a weird one.

I don’t know what kind of weather you’re all having but here in Northern Germany we have around 10 degrees Celsius, which is warm for December. And it’s raining, like, all the time. There’s not going to be snow any time soon – because it’s too warm – and it’s too windy for umbrellas. It’s simply disgusting.

We’re finally done here with the birthdays in my family and can concentrate on Christmas. My mom and I have put up the tree yesterday. It’s really pretty, with new lights and all. Today we’ll be packing presents and on Wednesday we’ll be celebrating Christmas at my sister’s with my niece and nephew.

So, mainly life is just life at the moment. Not much time for writing. I’m working on revisions for The Affair which is scheduled to come out in April – have I told you that already? It already has a beautiful cover. I’m so thrilled and I’ll tell you more about it next year.

That’s pretty much it. The next time we’ll read each other it’ll probably be in January, so I hope you’re all going to have a great time over the Holidays whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Same goes for New Year’s. I’m gonna ring it in with friends – how about you? Tell me in the comments if you like.

Carpe tempus, lovelies.

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