The Affair [1]

I already mentioned this story a couple of times. I just finished it – after about five months and 19,750 words. That’s a long time for a story that ranges just between a short story and a short novella. But life got in the way, I did some other writing, but now I finally finished my first, first draft – first, first because I literally just wrote the last sentence and have yet a lot of revisions to do.

Here’s what the story is about:

Robin and Linda are having an affair. We meet them as their relationship grows beyond the physical and enters the emotional. They’re falling in love with each other as they’re both struggling through their respective marriages.

The initial idea was to write a story about an affair, the guilt, the joy of a new love, the confrontations with spouses who have no or only a vague idea of what’s going on behind their backs. That is a lot of drama, a lot of inner monologue and emotional questioning. The pairing is kind of a first for me, since Robin and Linda are older than my usual pairing, already in their mid- to late-forties. But I like– no, I love them.

I loved the idea and I think I did well – but I haven’t read the complete story yet. There’s still a lot to do and I’m at a point where finishing it is all wonderful excitement and I’m looking forward to the editing process. There’s going to be a moment when I’m gong to fall into a deep hole, when I’m gonna miss my characters, feeling that the whole story is shite and my writing isn’t worth the virtual paper it’s written on.

But that’s for later. Right now I feel elated. And I can’t wait to start reading, editing and re-writing.

Carpe tempus, lovelies.

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