NaNoWriMo – Update [1]

It has begun. Yesterday at midnight, I started working the keys. This sounds more prolific than I’ve actually been. For once, the hour between midnight and one is not my most creative and, for another, I wasn’t alone and undisturbed, and actually a little pissed about it. So, 180 words are all I have to show for that hour before I went to bed – frustrated.

But I have mellowed, and written some more words. Mind you, I’m not at my daily requirement yet but it’s the beginning of a new story and other things are more important than the word count right now. For example, finding my narrator’s voice. That’s not so easy. You have to feel the mood of the piece, the temperatment, if you will. It’s sticky stuff and you don’t want to go wrong there. So, easy does it. At least for me at this point.

I think I gotten off to a good start. I feel this story. It will be high drama, lots of inner monologues, lots of alone time for my protagonist, and that’s how it starts. I did a little research for the location and found Reading, Pennsylvania. I thought it was a good fit and I like the kind of grayish atmosphere I connect with Pennsylvania. Maybe it’s a residue of Halloween, maybe I’m delusional that way, but I wanted Pennsylvania and I didn’t want Philly. We’ll see how it goes, I’m not even sure I will mention the place in the story.

I’m planning on doing an update once every weekend, to see where I’m at. At this point, I’ve only written the first chapter. I decided on simple numbers, no chapter headings – that may still change, though I’m almost positive it won’t. These kind of things seem unimportant but it’s actually good for the pacing, the order. I’m a stickler when it comes to the form of something, I always need to know the formal circumstances under which I’ll be writing, even if I set them myself. I haven’t thought about these things beforehand and find that I now have to figure them out while I’m writing – bad preparation. But I hardly did any of that – to be honest, I was a little weary to think about the story or anything around it at all. Maybe that was wrong, but I didn’t want to drive my idea against a wall, I wanted to simply write it, chapter by chapter, or even word for word. I’m not sure it was the right tactic but that’s how I’m going at the moment.

The first chapter is about Wells coming back to the place where she grew up, her mother’s house. Some memories come back to her and she discovers that the door to the basement is locked. It’s not much, as I’ve already said, but it feels solid… I’ll go from here. I’m currently at 1,159 words.

Carpe tempus, lovelies.

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